The SwitchCast is a podcast & community dedicated to the Nintendo Switch and everyone who plays it.


The Podcast

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The SwitchCast isn’t trying to be an ordinary show that just rattles off some news. We’re here to give you insight, inspiration, and a fun time while you listen!

In addition to regular episodes where the two of us talk amongst ourselves, we also plan to grab lots of interesting folks from the gaming industry and community to talk about every aspect of this brilliant system and its games.

The Community

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The SwitchCast is more than a show where we talk to you over the magic of the Internet. We are working to create a place where Switch players can discuss, have fun, and ultimately play together.

Once the Switch releases, we’ll be planning numerous events such as contests, live streams, online Monster Hunter meets, Mario Kart tournaments, and anything else you might imagine.

The Hosts

KC – Podcaster-in-Chief and Editor Extraordinaire
A handful of you might know me from MANY previous podcasts, including The Pocket Players, GameStation Radio and The Radcast Audio Blast.

But long-time listeners know me best from quite possibly the first ever Pokemon podcast, The Pallet Tribune (WTPT).

JV – Co-Host Geek and Tech Wizard
I’m the primary “Man Behind the Curtain” in most of Team Pocket’s projects. I guess I’m a tech professional by day, and a hardcore gamer by…day and night?

I’m in charge of making sure everything running as smoothly as possible.


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