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  • SwitchCast #012: Dropping the Bomb

    SwitchCast #012: Dropping the Bomb

    We’re blowing up this week’s podcast with some Super Bomberman R action! We also have some epic Nintendo Switch community movements in the works, as KC can’t wait to hit up some Pocket Rumble and start a Nintendo Switch tournament scene.We’re also trying to make our mark on the community at large with the out-and-about…

  • SwitchCast #008: The Final Countdown

    SwitchCast #008: The Final Countdown

    We’re leaving together, but still it’s farewell… to waiting for the Nintendo Switch! This is the final week before the precious piece of technology we’ve been talking about these past 3 months finally can be in your hands. So we’re talking about our plans for the big day, rounding up one last stampede of news…

  • Switch Topics – Lingering Questions

    Switch Topics – Lingering Questions

    With the Nintendo Switch mere weeks away, we still have a ton of questions and a few uncertainties still lingering around the system. But with the help of special guest DoorToDoorGeek, a SwitchKnight and host of the Podnutz Network, we’re going to delve into our biggest questions and try to see if we can divine…

  • SwitchCast #003 – Dreams Welcome Here

    SwitchCast #003 – Dreams Welcome Here

    This week we catch up on another backlog of Nintendo Switch news and analyze all we can from the latest The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild trailers shown at the 2016 Video Game Awards. Then we try to end the show, but are interrupted by a surprise Nintendo Switch gameplay demo on The…

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