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  • Switch Topics: Pixel Perfect

    Switch Topics: Pixel Perfect

    Extra awesome guests Lu Nascimento and Jay Baylis, artists from Chucklefish Games, join us to talk about their upcoming pixel art strategy game Wargroove for Nintendo Switch and discuss what makes pixel art so appealing to fans and Nindie game developers.

  • SwitchCast #009: Nintendo “Nindies” Roundup

    SwitchCast #009: Nintendo “Nindies” Roundup

    A metric TON of indie titles for the Nintendo Switch were shown off in this week’s Nindies Showcase Presentation, and we’re going over every single one we saw! That includes, SteamWorld Dig 2, Yooka-Laylee, Overcooked!, The Escapists 2, Gonner, Dandara, Kingdom Two Crowns, Runner 3, Blaster Master Zero, Flipping Death, Graceful Explosion Machine, Mr. Shifty,…

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