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  • Switch Topics: A Look at the Launch

    Switch Topics: A Look at the Launch

    SwitchKaiser Dylan Hillis joins us to look back at the months of buildup, rumors, news, teasers and revelations that led to where we are today as we analyze and review the entire Nintendo Switch launch. We review the Nintendo Switch rumors that were true as well as the dirty lies and how they affected things,…

  • Switch Topics – Lingering Questions

    Switch Topics – Lingering Questions

    With the Nintendo Switch mere weeks away, we still have a ton of questions and a few uncertainties still lingering around the system. But with the help of special guest DoorToDoorGeek, a SwitchKnight and host of the Podnutz Network, we’re going to delve into our biggest questions and try to see if we can divine…

  • SwitchCast #007: Reggie Feas-ible

    SwitchCast #007: Reggie Feas-ible

    It’s JV’s turn to get his grubby paws on the Nintendo Switch, and he shares a bit more of an in-depth analysis of Arms and No More Heroes. We also have a load of news to catch up on, particularly regarding the Switch online service, of which we may finally know the price! In the…

  • There Are No “Hidden Costs” to the Nintendo Switch

    There Are No “Hidden Costs” to the Nintendo Switch

    Having been a writer and podcaster for over a decade, I can say with certainty that I am open to criticism. That doesn’t just apply to criticism of my own work, but of things I personally appreciate and support. If you come at me with a list of well-reasoned arguments why “Hello From the Magic…

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