TumbleSeed: This Game is TS! (Nintendo Switch Review)

By KC Smithsen

TumbleSeed is a Nintendo Switch title that I want to avoid using popular genre names to define. While it does share characteristics with roguelikes, in that you have to overcome randomly generated obstacles and death means a quick trip to start screen, I feel that lumping it in that category does its originality a disservice.

2_TumbleSeed_ScreenShot_Basecamp_1080p.pngIn TumbleSeed, you play a as a sentient seed that your fellow spoutlings call “TS.” Your kind lives happily on a mountain, but things are not well. Strange subterranean creatures have begun popping holes all over your homeland, making life perilous for your kind. And things will only get worst unless TS can reach the mountain’s summit and firmly plant himself there, purging their home of unnatural threats.

But that’s easier said than done… and I mean waaaaaaaayyyy easier! Continue reading “TumbleSeed: This Game is TS! (Nintendo Switch Review)”