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  • SwitchCast #024: A Dire Antagonist

    SwitchCast #024: A Dire Antagonist

    We set sail for new Nintendo Switch adventures this week as we review the Nindie roguelike platformer GoNNER and the high-sea adventure game Oceanhorn!

  • SwitchCast #020: Retrain Your Brain

    SwitchCast #020: Retrain Your Brain

    This week KC and JV take a Test Punch in the face! And we’re not only talking all about our ARMS experiences, we’re shooting off all of our Nintendo Switch predictions and dreams for Nintendo’s big E3 showing coming up. JV also reviews the aggressive rhythm action game Thumper, while KC chills with an update…

  • SwitchCast #019: Minecraftian Horrors

    SwitchCast #019: Minecraftian Horrors

    We delve deep into Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch with special SwitchCast community leader, Rin! We also review LEGO City Undercover, debate the $40 pricetag of Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers, run down the week’s news, read your questions in the Community Pulse, and pose a thought-provoking moral dilemma for the next time…

  • SwitchCast #13: Forget It ‘Till I Get It

    SwitchCast #13: Forget It ‘Till I Get It

    Ready. Aim. Testfire! We have been playing a so many Nintendo Switch games this week, including the Splatoon 2 global testfire, Snake Pass and Has Been Heroes! Of course, there are also more game we WANT to play, but just aren’t available yet… and when that happens… well, the title says it all. In addition,…

  • SwitchCast #010: It’s HERE!

    SwitchCast #010: It’s HERE!

    After an eternity of waiting, the Nintendo Switch is finally here! And now that we’ve had a full week to bask in its glory, we can finally give our in-depth opinion on what makes the Switch great, and what kinks still need to be worked out. We also chat a little about what we’re playing,…

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