REVIEW: The Escapists 2

By Darrel Wright

Last night, I was thrown in jail. I have no memory of being arrested or standing trial, but here I am, dressed in orange and being escorted to my cell.

The facilities are nice enough, with areas to read, play music, and exercise. The other inmates are okay fellows who are more than willing to offer some cash in exchange for running their errands. They also sell me a selection of useful items. The walls are claustrophobic, though. The daily routine is suffocating, and the guards are… less than friendly. The more time I spend in this place, the more I realize one glaring truth: I have to get out of here! Continue reading “REVIEW: The Escapists 2”

SwitchCast #020: Retrain Your Brain

This week KC and JV take a Test Punch in the face! And we’re not only talking all about our ARMS experiences, we’re shooting off all of our Nintendo Switch predictions and dreams for Nintendo’s big E3 showing coming up.

JV also reviews the aggressive rhythm action game Thumper, while KC chills with an update to VOEZ. And as always, we run down all the week’s Nintendo Switch news, and read your comments and emails.

VOEZ Switch Review: A Smooth Move from Mobile

By KC Smithsen

Before I did The SwitchCast, I worked on a humble portable gaming podcast called The Pocket Players. In those dark days before the Nintendo Switch was born, I kept a select few games as permanent fixtures on my iPhone, and VOEZ was one of them. Now that VOEZ has come to Nintendo Switch, I have my first opportunity to see how the joy of a free-to-play mobile game can make the transformation into a paid console title, and the results have been promising to say the least. Continue reading “VOEZ Switch Review: A Smooth Move from Mobile”