Where Are the Games? A Look at Nintendo’s Active Dev Teams

By Geoffrey Kappenberg

Geoffrey is a contributing writer and a community SwitchCat.

The Nintendo Switch is finally upon us, and while fans are busy exploring Breath of the Wild, there’s some concern about how much content there will be to enjoy going forward. Past Nintendo platforms have suffered software droughts following their launches (3DS and Wii U especially), not just from lack of 3rd party support, but from Nintendo itself. Will this time be any different?

To find out, I’ve examined Nintendo’s roster of 1st and 2nd party development teams to see who could be working on new Nintendo Switch games, and what those games might be. The 3DS is still an active platform, but it’s aging, and there’s every reason to dedicate as many resourceNinDevss as possible to supporting the Switch. If things go right, the stars could finally align over Nintendo’s new hybrid platform. Continue reading “Where Are the Games? A Look at Nintendo’s Active Dev Teams”