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SwitchCast #015: Big Sweaty Hands

JV gets his big sweaty hands on Wonderboy: The Dragon’s Trap for Nintendo Switch while KC grasps his moisture wicking blade in Samurai Showdown IV: Amakusa’s Revenge and brings 1-2 Switch to an Easter bonanza.

We also run down all the news, including all the new features added to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which hits next week! And in a special Community Pulse, we discuss and debate what the listeners think about a Nintendo Switch Mini.

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SwitchCast #014: Hype It ‘Til I Swipe It

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct dumped a fresh batch of new Nintendo Switch games for us to talk about, particularly Arms, Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. But that’s far from all of them with several Sonic titles, more NeoGeo arcade classics than you can shake a JoyCon at, and much more.

We also review the newly released Nindies, Graceful Explosion Machine and Mr. Shifty, and catch up on all the Nintendo Switch news and new releases from the past 2 weeks.

Switch Topics: A Look at the Launch

SwitchKaiser Dylan Hillis joins us to look back at the months of buildup, rumors, news, teasers and revelations that led to where we are today as we analyze and review the entire Nintendo Switch launch.

We review the Nintendo Switch rumors that were true as well as the dirty lies and how they affected things, what Nintendo did right, what didn’t go as expected, and what you listeners have to say about the whole shabang.


VOEZ Review: A Smooth Move from Mobile

By KC Smithsen

Before I did The SwitchCast, I worked on a humble portable gaming podcast called The Pocket Players. In those dark days before the Nintendo Switch was born, I kept a select few games as permanent fixtures on my iPhone, and VOEZ was one of them. Now that VOEZ has come to Nintendo Switch, I have my first opportunity to see how the joy of a free-to-play mobile game can make the transformation into a paid console title, and the results have been promising to say the least. Continue reading “VOEZ Review: A Smooth Move from Mobile”

SwitchCast #13: Forget It ‘Till I Get It

Ready. Aim. Testfire! We have been playing a so many Nintendo Switch games this week, including the Splatoon 2 global testfire, Snake Pass and Has Been Heroes! Of course, there are also more game we WANT to play, but just aren’t available yet… and when that happens… well, the title says it all.

In addition, we read listener impressions of the Splatoon 2 event, answer your Nintendo Switch questions, and go over the week’s news.

Where Are the Games? A Look at Nintendo’s Active Dev Teams

By Geoffrey Kappenberg

Geoffrey is a contributing writer and a community SwitchCat.

The Nintendo Switch is finally upon us, and while fans are busy exploring Breath of the Wild, there’s some concern about how much content there will be to enjoy going forward. Past Nintendo platforms have suffered software droughts following their launches (3DS and Wii U especially), not just from lack of 3rd party support, but from Nintendo itself. Will this time be any different?

To find out, I’ve examined Nintendo’s roster of 1st and 2nd party development teams to see who could be working on new Nintendo Switch games, and what those games might be. The 3DS is still an active platform, but it’s aging, and there’s every reason to dedicate as many resourceNinDevss as possible to supporting the Switch. If things go right, the stars could finally align over Nintendo’s new hybrid platform. Continue reading “Where Are the Games? A Look at Nintendo’s Active Dev Teams”

SwitchCast #012: Dropping the Bomb

We’re blowing up this week’s podcast with some Super Bomberman R action!

We also have some epic Nintendo Switch community movements in the works, as KC can’t wait to hit up some Pocket Rumble and start a Nintendo Switch tournament scene.We’re also trying to make our mark on the community at large with the out-and-about hashtag, #SwitchingAround.

And as always, we answer your Nintendo Switch questions and concerns in the Community Pulse, as well as cover all of this week’s news and new releases.