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SwitchCast #068: Death Road to Canada, Garage, South Park and the Guv’

‘Ello Gubna! This episode we’re taking everyone on a road trip with our reviews of Death Road to Canada and Garage for all kinds of zombie lovers on Nintendo Switch! And our special guest host steps in to review South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Sonic Forces.

We also chat about several Nintendo Switch news bombs this week, including Monster Hunter Generations announced for Switch, and details surrounding the Nintendo Switch Online Service, including the listeners’ feedback to that announcement in the Community Pulse. (more…)

SwitchCast #066: Labo, Aqua Kitty, Rogue Aces and The Charming Empire

The excitement is certainly building this week as we get our first hands-on review of the Nintendo Labo! With KC taking on the Variety Kit, and JV preparing to suit up with the Robot Kit.

JV also reviews two cool shooters with Aqua Kitty DX and Rogue Aces for Nintendo Switch, as KC melts hearts with his first Nintendo Switch visual novel, The Charming Empire. (more…)

SwitchCast #065: Outlast 2, Penny Punching Princess and Tourney-Palooza

Run for your life! The SwitchCast is reviewing Outlast 2 on Nintendo Switch and throwing a solid-gold smackdown with Penny Punching Princess. We also have a big Rocket League tournament to announce plus giveaways.

On top of all that, we also dig into the week’s Nintendo Switch news and get your opinions on the best “hidden gem” titles on the Nintendo Switch eShop! (more…)

SwitchCast #063: PayDay 2, The Long Reach, and Bringin’ the Heat

JV’s gallavanting through PAX East, so the gods have graced us with their brightest SunWorshiper to fill in as we discuss the smooth criminals of PayDay 2 on Nintendo Switch, along with the mentally disturbed denizens of The Long Reach!

We also catch up on the week’s Nintendo Switch news, rundown the new releases, and even have a new segment for you to sink your teeth into… (more…)

SwitchCast #062: Earthlock, Membrane and the Nindies Showcase

Back from the Star Tropics, KC is ready to review indie RPG Earthlock: Festival of Magic and psychedelic puzzler Membrane before we recap the Nindies Showcase from last week.

In the community pulse, we asked what the players look for in a game’s home screen icon, and why it actually matters to so many of you.

And of course, we cover all the week’s Nintendo Switch news and new releases, plus our picks for the System Switch! (more…)