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SwitchCast #035: Octopath, Minecraft (Story Mode) and the Wonderful 111

Lots of Nintendo Switch games flooded our systems this week! KC takes a trip with two of the Project Octopath Travelers, builds excitement up for Minecraft: Story Mode, and tries to embrace the darkness in 36 Fragments of Midnight, while JV turns the beatdown around in Flip Wars.

We also have too many new games to keep up with in the news rundown, and discuss how dark a game can reasonably go in the Community Pulse. (more…)

SwitchCast #032: Nindie Summer Showcase, League of Evil, and the Co-Op Club

A trailer full of Nindies just dropped in our lap, so we have to go over every last one of them shown off in this week’s Nindie Summer Showcase!

Also, JV begins working his JoyCon on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, KC takes on the League of Evil, and we listen to what you have to say about the hottest indie titles we saw this week. In addition, we go over all the Nintendo Switch news and new releases. (more…)

SwitchCast #031: Sonic Mania, Fate/Extella & The Summer of Play

JV runs full speed into Sonic Mania on Switch, and in the name of the Moon, KC will punish you… for not listening to his first impressions of Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star. He also has tales to tell from the Nintendo Summer of Play event in Brooklyn.

In the news, we have a new ARMS contender, new DLC for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and new hope that Final Fantasy XV is coming to Nintendo Switch! (more…)

SwitchCast #030: Rayman Legends, Custom Consoles & The Cult of the New

KC cleans up Phantom Trigger on Nintendo Switch while JV jumps on the wild side in Rayman Legends – but only because his Sonic Mania shipment got delayed. =^(

In the news, Nintendo is rolls out a site to build your own custom Switch color combos, and we answer a truckload of your comments & questions, including whether we’re jumping to new games a bit too fast. (more…)

SwitchCast #028: Cave Story+, Overcooked and a Tourney Tornado

We’re feeling the competitive heat as one big Nintendo Switch tournament comes to close but others rise off the horizon!

KC goes deep into retro remake Cave Story+, JV has a multiplayer feast with Overcooked Special Edition, and we both get down and dirty with more Splatoon 2 modes. We also gather up all the news and new Nintendo Switch releases of the week as well as talk about what mecha titles we want to see come to the system in the Community Pulse. (more…)