Blaster Master Zero Review

By Jose Vega 

Joes Vega is a contributing writer to The SwitchCast. To see more of his work, visit his site, Destiny Blog.

During the era of the NES, a game called Blaster Master was released by Sunsoft. It was a fun game that got a lot of praise but sadly not a lot of love. It was overlooked but it did have a legacy that lasted almost 20 years, spawning a sequel, spin-offs, and a re-imagining.

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Joy-Con Grip VS Pro Controller: Which is Best for You?

Written by Anthony Talcott

I want to start off by saying that I bought the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and absolutely love it. But this article isn’t so much about what I like personally, as it is about analyzing the differences between the Joy-Con Grip and the Pro Controller. And so, I have broken up my review of these two controllers into several categories: Comfort, Mobility, and Battery Life.

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SwitchChat: CND Puts It All on the Line

cnd-1For nearly a month now, a YouTuber called CND has been lining up every day in front of the Nintendo NY store in his quest to get a Nintendo Switch. We swung by one of his daily vigils to talk about his mission and his rise from simple unboxing videos to one of the fastest spreading names in gaming.

KC: So, tell us about yourself and what your YouTube channel is all about.

CND: Okay, my real name is Alex and I’m 19 as of right now. Just recently full time YouTuber which is… crazy to me! But it’s awesome. Just “Switched” (haha) to full time. Just in the New Year I really started. In the Winter Break I really had time to really commit myself to it. And when it was over, not even a week into it, I was like, “Wait a second! I can do this full time!” Continue reading “SwitchChat: CND Puts It All on the Line”

There Are No “Hidden Costs” to the Nintendo Switch

Having been a writer and podcaster for over a decade, I can say with certainty that I am open to criticism. That doesn’t just apply to criticism of my own work, but of things I personally appreciate and support. If you come at me with a list of well-reasoned arguments why “Hello From the Magic Tavern” is NOT the best comedy podcast on iTunes, I will quell my rage, hear you out and engage in an exchange of well-reasoned arguments.

But what I have little to no patience for are misleading statements, flimsy reasoning and logical fallacies. While these are all ubiquitous on the internet, sometimes I find them in such concentration that I just can’t idly watch the misinformation spread. And right now, a great abundance of this misinformation is being spread about the Nintendo Switch. So much so, that I feel compelled to write a series of articles rebutting as much of it as I can – starting right here. Continue reading “There Are No “Hidden Costs” to the Nintendo Switch”