SwitchCast #080: 2064 Read Only Memories & Nintendo Rewards

Time to go back to the retro-future with the all-inclusive cyberpunk Switch visual novel, 2064: Read Only Memories. JV then takes a quick trip through a deluge of demos, and we recap all the week’s Nintendo Switch news and new releases.

We also discuss the Nintendo Rewards system, and ask the community what they’ve gotten from it, and what they’d like to see it do in the future. (more…)

SwitchCast #079: Paladins, MegaMan X Legacy Collection and Hello Neighbor

KC and JV join forces to review the first online hero shooter for Nintendo Switch, Paladins! Then JV fights for robot rights in MegaMan X Legacy Collection, while KC asks to borrow a tablespoon of sugar and a bowl of horror with Hello Neighbor!

In the Community Pulse, we hear your opinions on how much is too much DLC for a game, and of course we rundown all the week’s Nintendo Switch news, new releases and more! (more…)

SwitchCast #077: Octopath Traveler, Sushi Striker, and 20XX

Travel with JV and KC for the next 90 minutes as we review some sweet Nintendo Switch titles including surprise hit JRPG Octopath Traveler, anime-infused puzzle game Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido, and the robot-powered roguelike 20XX.

We also read the community’s comments on the need and the future of the Nintendo 3DS in a world where the Nintendo Switch is packing so much portable power. (more…)

SwitchCast #076: Pocket Rumble and an Interview with the Eendhoorn

We are BACK and coming at you with a full EX meter for this week’s Nintendo Switch podcast. We finally review the NeoGeo Pocket-inspired fighter, Pocket Rumble, and have a nice chat with Martino Wullems, the one man crew behind Spirit Sphere DX.

And of course, we have loads of Nintendo Switch news to catch up with, as well as new releases, plus we answer some of your questions in this week’s Community Pulse. (more…)

SwitchCast #075: Mario Tennis Aces, Spirit Sphere DX and More Sports!

We’re serving up a deuce of great Nintendo Switch games this week with our double-team review of Mario Tennis Aces, followed by a Spirit Sphere DX review. Game, Set, Match!

As always, we also have all the week’s Nintendo Switch news, new releases, and we read your opinions on other great sports games that we’d like to see come to the Switch! (more…)

SwitchCast #074: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Wild Guns Reloaded and Mecha Storm

We’re living in a post-E3-pocalypse, still piecing together everything we saw and can look forward to. In particular, we’re going through every detail revealed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch in its own preview segment.

We also have reviews of Wild Guns Reloaded, Mecha Storm, the Octopath Traveler Prologue demo, and a product review for the magnetic Nintendo Switch battery case from BestorX. (more…)