SwitchCast #012: Dropping the Bomb

We’re blowing up this week’s podcast with some Super Bomberman R action!

We also have some epic Nintendo Switch community movements in the works, as KC can’t wait to hit up some Pocket Rumble and start a Nintendo Switch tournament scene.We’re also trying to make our mark on the community at large with the out-and-about hashtag, #SwitchingAround.

And as always, we answer your Nintendo Switch questions and concerns in the Community Pulse, as well as cover all of this week’s news and new releases.

Blaster Master Zero Review

By Jose Vega 

Joes Vega is a contributing writer to The SwitchCast. To see more of his work, visit his site, Destiny Blog.

During the era of the NES, a game called Blaster Master was released by Sunsoft. It was a fun game that got a lot of praise but sadly not a lot of love. It was overlooked but it did have a legacy that lasted almost 20 years, spawning a sequel, spin-offs, and a re-imagining.

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Joy-Con Grip VS Pro Controller: Which is Best for You?

Written by Anthony Talcott

I want to start off by saying that I bought the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and absolutely love it. But this article isn’t so much about what I like personally, as it is about analyzing the differences between the Joy-Con Grip and the Pro Controller. And so, I have broken up my review of these two controllers into several categories: Comfort, Mobility, and Battery Life.

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SwitchCast #011: The Obvious Next Step

Back from PAX and fatigued from SwitchFest, we have a lot more hands-on experience with loads of new and upcoming Switch titles, plus interviews with several current Nintendo Switch indie developers… and maybe some future Nintendo Switch developers too!

We also dig into the latest expansion to Shovel Knight, including the multiplayer mode and Specter of Torment, PuyoPuyo Tetris, Mr. Shifty, Dandara, and more!

SwitchCast #010: It’s HERE!

After an eternity of waiting, the Nintendo Switch is finally here! And now that we’ve had a full week to bask in its glory, we can finally give our in-depth opinion on what makes the Switch great, and what kinks still need to be worked out.

We also chat a little about what we’re playing, including The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Fast RMX, Voez and Snipperclips. And as always, we answer some of your questions from the Nintendo Switch community.


SwitchCast #009: Nintendo “Nindies” Roundup

A metric TON of indie titles for the Nintendo Switch were shown off in this week’s Nindies Showcase Presentation, and we’re going over every single one we saw! That includes, SteamWorld Dig 2, Yooka-Laylee, Overcooked!, The Escapists 2, Gonner, Dandara, Kingdom Two Crowns, Runner 3, Blaster Master Zero, Flipping Death, Graceful Explosion Machine, Mr. Shifty, TumbleSeed, Shakedown: Hawaii, Pocket Rumble, WarGroove and Stardew Valley (inhales).

We also hear which titles you thought were most exciting, and which we thought were missing from the lineup.

SwitchCast #008: The Final Countdown

We’re leaving together, but still it’s farewell… to waiting for the Nintendo Switch!

This is the final week before the precious piece of technology we’ve been talking about these past 3 months finally can be in your hands. So we’re talking about our plans for the big day, rounding up one last stampede of news and recapping all the games that will be available just around launch day. Plus, we read loads of your messages about how you all plan to take on March 3rd madness!


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